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VISTA Training Customers

VISTA's diverse customer base spans nearly every industry segment in which heavy equipment is used, including:

  • Surface mines around the world (including hard rock, coal and oil sands operations)

  • Aggregate, stone, sand and gravel producers

  • Earthmoving contractors

  • Highway and heavy contractors

  • Utilities

  • Utility contractors

  • Unions and trade schools

  • U.S. state departments of transportation

  • Construction trade associations (including NUCA and APWA)

  • Hundreds of U.S. counties, cities, towns and villages

  • U.S. Federal government agencies (U.S. Fish & Wildlife, Army Corp of Engineers) and the U.S. military (Case training for the U.S. Army)

  • Equipment rental companies

  • Equipment manufacturers


VISTA Case Histories & Testimonials


No employee safety training company has the depth of experience and expertise that VISTA Training has in the heavy equipment industries. That makes life easier for you, because you don't have to invest as much time "teaching" us your business - because we already have a thorough understanding of it. This depth of experience also means we can bring fresh ideas and approaches to your operation - helping you to take safety and productivity to new levels.

VISTA is an ANSI Z490 committee member and participated in the creation of training best practices.


VISTA Training Customer List


VISTA Training Customers Chart


VISTA works with various construction associations and their members to create and enhance training programs. Some contractor associations distribute VISTA products along side their own. Some request VISTA to perform custom development of video/DVD and computer-based training programs. And some provide products they have produced to VISTA for resale.

Key associations we work with include:


Canadian Associations:


Links - Associations

These are the trade associations that serve people and companies in the industry segments that VISTA Training is focused upon.

Mining Associations


Construction Associations


Public Works/Utility Associations


Aggregate Associations


Manufacturer Associations


Training Associations


Links - Publications

Here is a list of trade magazines that serve people and companies in the industry segments that VISTA Training is focused upon.

Mining Publications


Aggregates Publications


Construction Publications


Trenchless/Underground Construction Publications


Public Works/Utility Publications


Road & Pavement Publications


Links - Industry

Here are links to valuable safety resources in the industries we serve.

Construction Safety


Regulatory & Safety Watchdog Organizations


Links - LinkedIn Groups

VISTA Training is a member of these mining and construction groups on - and the founder of one of them. We believe that being involved in discussions in these forums is one key to understanding your safety and productivity needs.

Mining & Safety


Construction Safety


Other Health & Safety Groups

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