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Unique design helps your mine reach new levels of productivity and safety.

A revolution in haul truck operator training: TruckLogic™

TruckLogic™ is a revolutionary new model of haul truck operator training, which integrates web-based training, simulation and on-the-job training tools. It is designed to help your mine to train your new haul truck operators faster and at a lower cost than traditional instructor-led training, while also improving safety in the mine. This unique approach to operator training is a first in the mining industry. 

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TruckLogic™ is instructionally designed to:

  • On-board new haul truck operator trainees quickly

  • Help new operators reach their production targets quickly and safely

  • Minimize reactive maintenance and improve haul truck life

  • Improve the consistency and overall level of operator performance

  • Reduce the impact of training on production

  • Reduce training costs

TruckLogic™ includes:

  • 16 eLearning training lessons containing over 800 screens of interactive, multimedia-enhanced content, which provide in-depth training in basic operating principles, best practices and potential problem scenarios

  • Embedded "Check Your Knowledge" quizzes measure what each student has learned; test results can be stored in a learning management system and used to tailor coaching to each trainee.

  • Simulator Integration: An affordable PC-based simulator from VISTA helps trainees gain experience in the core skills of operating a mining truck productively, in a safe environment.

  • On-the-job training (OJT) materials: Structured ride-along activities reinforce what trainees have learned in the CBT sessions and the simulator. The field trainer versions of these OJT tools contain checklists and space for recording notes and operator assessments.

  • Laminated diagrams: Laminated diagrams of haul truck control layouts and pre-use inspection steps help operators to retain what they've learned.

All of the elements of this training curriculum have been instructionally designed to meet the needs of adult learners. The blended learning model employed by TruckLogic™ helps your new haul truck operators to retain more of what they've learned. That, in turn, means less retraining in the field and faster on-boarding.

How does your existing operator-training program compare?

Traditional classroom training is no longer adequate to meet the needs of operators of today's sophisticated, multi-million dollar haul trucks. It's not enough to fill the heads of new trainees with information, and then expect them to operate complex production assets safely and productively. Your operator training program may be limiting your ability to improve productivity and safety in your mine.

Do your haul truck operators understand how their performance impacts the mine's overall productivity and profitability? Operators who dump loads outside target areas, fail to position accurately at the shovel or who inadvertently damage or destroy expensive, hard-to-get truck tires can have a significant negative impact on your bottom line. A single safety incident can kill a mine's productivity for days

How do you know if your new operators have retained what they learned?

Are you willing to risk your mine's productivity, profitability and safety record if they haven't?


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