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Unique design helps your mine reach new levels of productivity and safety.

Utility Operator Simulators from VISTA Training

Simulator provides critical hands-on training for as little as US$20,000 (Plus hardware)

Simulator training significantly reduces the need to use production equipment for training. New operators can become proficient with basic  operation and controls in a safe environment, which helps them to be more productive once they graduate to actual equipment.

The cost-effective, PC-based enhanced simulator from VISTA presents hands-on exercises that are based upon the lessons learned in the training modules. Trainees gain experience in the core skills of operating equipment - without the risk of injury or machine damage. It's also a great way to assess the skills of trainees and to identify those who may not be suited for the job - before you put them behind the wheel of a large piece of equipment.

Consistent Training

A simulator provides your new hires with consistent training, because everyone works through the same exercises, and they do so in a logical order. This enables you to establish performance benchmarks and elevate the proficiency of all of your truck operators.

You can also use a simulator to pre-screen new hires and identify those with the greatest natural aptitude for operating equipment.


VISTA TruckLogic™, DozerLogic™, GraderLogic™, ShovelLogic™, and UtilityLogic™ curricula wrap around your existing simulator, helping to prepare the trainee to better understand the big picture and what they are about to experience in the simulator. Contact VISTA at for details.

Sample equipment simulator operator chair setup multi-screen
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