Wheel Loader Simulator

wheel loader simulatorThis wheel loader simulator puts you at the controls of a modern front end loader. You can choose between steering wheel and joystick steering. The loader simulation features virtual digging and interacts with a simulated haul truck.

Software description

A total of eight simulation modules of increasing difficulty are provided to bring people up to speed in a carefully planned and measured way. The first module, controls familiarization, introduces the location and function of the controls. The modules following help the trainee to build his or her skills through tasks that mimic the types of jobs a wheel loader does on an actual jobsite:

  • Navigate the wheel loader through bordered corridors (maneuvering with precision in tight spots)
  • Spotting and loading trucks
  • Stockpiling material

wheel loader simulatorThe final module combines all the activities into several complete cycles.

For each simulation module, key performance indicators are measured such as execution time, bucket orientation, amount of material handled and cylinder slams.

Tracking results

There's no need to worry about supervising the simulator-based training, because simulation results are automatically saved on your PC's hard drive for you and your trainee to review later when you have time. To make the record-keeping even easier, simulation results can also be saved in a single database using Simulation Manager.

Benefits of wheel loader simulation

  • Simulator training significantly reduces the need to use production machines for training.
  • It provides your new hires with consistent training, because everyone works through the same exercises in a logical order. This enables you to establish performance benchmarks and elevate the proficiency of all of your loader operators.
  • You can use it to pre-screen new hires and identify those with the greatest natural aptitude for operating equipment. This is critically important for a machine as complex as the wheel loader, where the steering, throttle and bucket controls must frequently be used in a coordinated manner.


The wheel loader simulator is available in English, French or Spanish.

Software pricing

Please contact us for pricing of a commercial software license for the wheel loader simulator. Even small accidents due to inexperience can cost thousands of dollars in replacement parts and downtime, far in excess of your investment in this training tool. This represents an excellent training value and improves operator safety - a priceless investment in the health and wellness of your workers.

Contact us for more information

For more information about this wheel loader simulator, please contact us at 800-942-2886 or 262-514-2886 or via e-mail at info@vista-training.com.