The HeviCert Mission

To assist with social development by providing long-term job skills for citizens of developing nations.

Who we are

HeviCert is an international consulting company, with offices in the United States. Our team provides expertise, personnel, curriculum, training materials and certification for the heavy equipment operator vocation.

We serve governments, colleges, technical schools, construction and mining companies and industry associations. We also have staff who are experienced and certified to train and administer NCCCO crane operator tests, NCCHEO heavy equipment operator and truck driver exams, and NCCHEO certified heavy equipment mechanic exams. Read More

HeviCert was acquired by VISTA Training Inc. on September 1, 2011.

What we do

HeviCert is dedicated to the premise that a person's vocation can be an asset not only to the individuals (men and women) being trained but also to their families, communities and nation. In this endeavor HeviCert develops and helps to implement breakthrough vocational training and certification programs. We also provide training consultation for both new and experienced heavy equipment operators around the world through associations, schools, and other approved training units. We have worked with clients in the United States, Canada, Estonia, Kosovo, Dubai, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine. Read More

Client Cases

  • Setting up a technical college in the Middle East for heavy equipment operator training and certification.
  • Consultation with the government of a European country to help implement certification for heavy equipment operators that conforms with EU standards.
  • Working with a construction industry association to improve skills and placement of vocational school graduates and existing heavy equipment operators; resulting in the ability for member construction companies to bid on and participate in significant construction projects which formerly went to extra national companies.

Who we are

HeviCert, Inc. (Heavy Equipment Vocation - International Certification & Training) was created after receiving numerous requests for assistance to help set up and administer heavy equipment operator certification programs and training schools in various countries around the world. Our staff has also been called upon to help consult government, mining, road building, and construction industries in these countries.

The staff at HeviCert has a background in Heavy Construction, Mining, Heavy Equipment Operator Training School Creation, Administration, Staffing, Operations and Marketing, Curriculum Development, Book Publishing and Translation, Online Curriculum Programs, as well as Instructional Video and Television Production. We have also created and administered Certification Programs and consulted on ISO standards for training heavy equipment operators.

Support staff has expertise in many areas, including Tower Crane, Off-Shore Crane, and all other types of cranes. They are NCCCO certified to test and certify other crane operators. We have staff who are expert heavy equipment field mechanics, professional truck drivers, and experts on GPS and other technology as it applies to the construction industry.

Mike Martens has broad experience managing mining, construction materials, and general construction enterprises. In 2004 he began to help plan, locate, design, set up, staff, and operate heavy equipment schools in the United States and abroad. He also spends time working as a consultant and advisor to governments, learning institutions, associations, and companies in European and Middle Eastern countries. He earned his undergraduate degree in International Relations from the University of Wyoming with MBA graduate studies at the UW and VCU in the USA.

Chris Cannon's experience is as a professional heavy equipment operator, foreman, training instructor, curriculum development director, author, spokesperson, and consultant to the heavy equipment vocation industry and operator certification test designer. He is co-producer, author, and narrator of training videos, online courses, and books which are used in schools in the USA. He also co-produced, wrote for, and hosted Yellow Metal TV. He graduated from ATS, Nevada as a certified heavy equipment operator, is a NCCCO certified crane operator, and has taught all levels of heavy equipment operation both in the United States and Internationally. He served as an administrator at the Nevada School of Construction and as National Training Director for NAHETS. He attended the University of Phoenix as a business administration major. He is a member of the Construction Writers Association, has consulted on ISO testing standards and created certification exams for operators.


Evaluate, Test & Certify Equipment Professionals to ANSI / ISO / EU Standards
It's one thing to claim to be a professional heavy equipment operator, crane operator, truck driver, civil project foreman, or mechanic; but quite another to have trustworthy, recognized credentials to prove it in many parts of the world. As members of ANSI (American National Standards Insti tute) and supporters of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and EU (European Union) specifications; the quality of our testing protocol is paramount. HeviCert certification tests represent much more than a plastic card or a paper certificate.

Our specialty is to arrange for and, if necessary, design rigorous tests using ANSI / ISO / and EU standards to evaluate the skill level of individuals in each of these professions. We are allied with, and promote the use of NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) for the recognized industry standard in the certification of Crane Operators; and host the NCCHEO (National Center for the Certification of Heavy Equipment Operators) for the certification of: Heavy Equipment Operators, Construction Truck Drivers, Redi-Mix Concrete Drivers, Civil Project Foreman / Supervisors, and Heavy Equipment Mechanics.

The certification process is usually set up to be handled by a school, trade association, or government entity, but it can also be set up within a company as long as the facilities and staff meet the strict requirements called for in order to be an approved training unit. In many parts of the world where there is no CDL (Commercial Truck Driver License) we can fulfill the requirements for this as well.


Design and Assist in the Operation of Vocational Training Programs For Clients
From conception, design, employer survey and marketing needs analysis for training focus, site selection, advertising, operations, budgeting, housing, staffing, curriculum, aptitude testing, admissions, instruction, evaluation, graduation, certification, and placement... we consult on how to set up and run heavy equipment vocational training programs in schools, colleges and with the help of government entities. We also consult on conducting business-to-business arrangements to facilitate continuing education and certification of existing heavy equipment professionals.


Produce Training / Promotional Videos and Create Specialized Courses
Our staff has experience in creation and production of equipment operating videos for both major equipment manufacturers and schools. We are also affiliated with Vista-Training where training videos are produced. We have also designed specialized courses for industries within our niche.


Assist with Expertise in Civil & Government Projects & Proceedings
We have served as expert witnesses in court cases, testified before government councils, served on advisory boards for certification agencies, given recommendations to existing schools on how to improve training, helped road building operations to make better roads, and helped mining and construction companies to run more efficiently and turn a profit. How can we help you??


  • ANSI (American National Standards Institute)
  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
  • NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators)
  • PTDI (Professional Truck Driver Institute)
  • NUCA (National Utility Contractors Association)
  • NRMCA (National Ready Mixed Concrete Association)
  • AGC (Associated General Contractors of America)
  • NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research)
  • U.S. COMMERCIAL SERVICE (U.S. Department of Commerce)

Advisory Board

Dr. Clifford R. McClain is an associate professor for Workforce Education and Development within the Department. His areas of interest and expertise include secondary, post-secondary and adult curriculum development and instructional processes in career and technical education. Throughout the past 28 years he has provided leadership and direction as a Career and Technical Educator in Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Nevada. He has contributed to a wide range of educational endeavors, including curriculum development projects, career and technical education funding efforts, and instructional improvement programs.

Jeff Belknap - Belknap Construction is involved with the heavy equipment training industry as an NCCER Master Trainer, Certified NUCA Competent Person Trainer, and has served as Training Director for the Nevada School of Construction. He is also an expert heavy equipment operator with 25 years of experience.

Enrique Bravo - Nanuq, Inc started his career in the Air Force where he worked with the world renowned Red Horse Civil Engineering Squadron as a military-trained heavy equipment and crane operator. He has also been a professional truck driver which involved using his security clearance to access highly guarded facilities. He then continued employment in the private sector working on heavy equipment where he refined his heavy construction skills as an expert finish grade operator which involved work on roads, industrial projects, commercial jobs and housing subdivisions. Afterwards he was hired as a heavy equipment and crane instructor for two years. He was then offered a job where he worked on heavy equipment and large cranes in support of the oil and gas industry at Point Thompson on the north slope of Alaska.

James M. Voss - J. M. Voss Heavy Equipment Repair, Inc. is a master heavy equipment mechanic. He attended technical school and has received multiple certificates in welding and flame cutting. He has done private DOT inspections, general maintenance, mechanical, and welding repairs on fleets of trucks. He owns and operates a heavy equipment repair business which maintaining and repairs all types of equipment, including excavators, dozers, loaders, scrapers, blades, compactors, water pulls, trucks, trailers, Etc. Repairs include welding and fabrication, machining and general mechanics. He has also managed maintenance programs for contractors, which ranged from scheduling oil changes, all the way to ordering parts and supervising mechanics, welders, lube/oil techs and laborers.

Paul Freedman - Simlog has been working with computers, control systems, and simulators for over 25 years, and he is a registered professional engineer in the Province of Quebec, Canada. Since 1999, he has led Simlog efforts as President and co-founder to develop new, cost-effective, PC-based "Personal Simulators" to help train operators of heavy equipment in forestry, mining, and construction.

Phil Groff - VP of Material Sales at Aggregates, Inc.