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Instructional designers can help you to take your training concept and turn it into reality.

VISTA Training has extensive experience in developing custom training courses to meet specific client needs.

Custom Program Development

VISTA Training has extensive experience in developing custom training programs to meet specific client requirement, deliverable via the web, DVD or USB Flash Drive. Our experienced instructional designers can help you to take your training concept and turn it into reality, at an affordable price.

All of the courses and training programs that we produce are SCORM compatible, so they can be deployed on a Learning Management System. We can also design and produce any supporting materials, such as train the trainer manuals, laminated checklists, diagrams and more.

A Typical Custom Development Process

Here's how the development process typically works:


  • High-level design and quote: The VISTA team works with you to define end goals and create an outline/high-level design to help determine the overall scope of the program. Now it can be budgeted and quoted.


  • Identify subject matter experts: Our instructional designer interviews them to obtain the specific knowledge and best practices that need to be included in the custom training program.


  • Instructional design: Our highly-experienced instructional designers will work with subject matter experts to more clearly define the learning objectives.


  • Develop lesson plan: Our instructional designer will determine the number of lessons to be included in the program, and the key information to be included in each. You provide final approval.


  • Develop the script and storyboard: VISTA staff, with input from the client and subject matter experts, will write the first draft of a script and storyboard for the training program. It will be revised via an iterative process with you. This document integrates the script with a description of the visual assets that will be used in each screen of the training program, including all images, video clips and illustrations.


  • Program production: Once the script/storyboard is finalized, it is "locked", and the script is narrated by professional voice talent. The storyboard and all assets are then developed into a prototype of the training program.


  • Beta product: The client now has an opportunity to review the program and provide feedback. The development team incorporates the requested client changes and completes development of the interactive elements of the program. It is now as close to "finished" as possible. The client gets one last chance to review the entire program before it is officially published.


  • Completed product: The training program is now at a point where it can be used with trainees. Any further updates are handled using a change management process.

Contact Us For More Information

For more information about VISTA's custom safety training development services, please contact us.

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