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VISTA partners with the creator of the #HazardSpotting work site safety campaign

A key part of VISTA Training's mission is to educate workers on key safety principles and practices to increase the odds that they will be able to return home safely to their families at night. That's why we got excited when we first saw the HazardSpotting campaign on the blog. The goal of #HazardSpotting is to use images of work sites that depict unsafe work practices to educate readers and customers on what's wrong, and what the workers ought be doing differently to work more safely. In the process, it makes readers of these visual analyses more aware of what to look for while working with their colleagues.

Partnering for safety: VISTA and After reading a number of MySafetySign's #HazardSpotting blog posts, it was immediately apparent that VISTA needed to be part of this worthwhile program - not because it makes sense from a business and revenue standpoint, but because it's an excellent way for us to "do the right thing" for the construction and mining industries. Not surprisingly, the folks from MySafetySign were thrilled that we asked to partner with them. Their team has a similar mindset to ours here at VISTA - they have a passion for doing what's right to increase safety in the industries they serve. In the coming months, VISTA and MySafetySign will:

  1. Cross-promote each others' safety-focused blog posts

  2. Develop #HazardSpotting content for sharing on both of our blogs and social media networks

  3. Write guest posts for publication on each others' blogs - a new "voice" with new insights and perspectives on safety

How can you support this worthy safety campaign? Watch this blog and our social media channels for new #HazardSpotting content, starting this week. If you have social media accounts on Twitter, Google+, Facebook or LinkedIn, please share our posts. Be sure to use the #hazardspotting hashtag to help spread the word about jobsite safety! Be looking for links to related products in the VISTA shop to help avoid having those #HazardSpottings on your own job site.

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