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VISTA deploys innovative tablet-based solution for training in remote areas

Updated: Mar 11

When it comes to enabling human potential, we love new challenges. VISTA recently received a call from a client suffering from high turnover rates and in need of a way to train new employees and contractors at remote work locations, far from any Internet access. To meet this training need, we developed a clever tablet-based solution that not only delivers the courses in the field, but also automates the process of maintaining training records in a centralized database. This mobile training program delivery platform consists of 23 Windows Surface tablets, which were selected for compatibility with VISTA’s Course Manager™, a solution for delivering web-based training content when not connected to the web. Think of VISTA Course Manager™ as a mini-learning management system that manages delivery of the training courses and captures trainee test results on the tablet in the field, far from any Internet access. When the tablets are returned to the field trailer or another location that does have Internet connectivity, trainee test results are transferred to a centralized database that VISTA designed for this project. It not only contains trainee data for the training programs we developed, but all of the other training the client has created to prepare employees and contractors to work in this area. As a backup, training records can be transferred from the tablets to the database via a USB key. "The rollout has gone flawlessly," explains instructional designer Nicole Peter, who has had primary responsibility for the development of this mobile training curriculum. "The trainees really appreciate the motivational training modules and the convenience of the Microsoft Surface tablets. The synchronization of test results has worked just as we envisioned." "This is just the tip of the iceberg," says VISTA CEO Bruce Rabe. "We fully expect mobile learning to grow in the years ahead, not just for just-in-time delivery of knowledge but also for on-the-job training activities, pre-use inspections, toolbox talks and much more. We’re committed to being at the forefront of delivering these technologies to our customers where it makes sense to deploy them."

How could you use a mobile solution like this? If you'd like to talk to us about deploying a mobile training solution like this, please contact us at or call 800-942-2886

800-942-2886 or 262-514-2886

262-514-2886. Another way to learn more is to view our homepage.

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