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New monthly e-newsletter covers safety and training tips and trends

Updated: Mar 11

VISTA Training is launching a new e-newsletter, Safety Update. Our goal in creating this publication is to keep you up-to-date on the latest tips and trends in safety and training. It will be published once a month in separate editions for the mining and construction industries. Each issue of VISTA Safety Update will contain:

  1. An executive summary of new articles and reports from our website,

  2. A summary of safety and training news from around the web. These articles will be curated with your needs in mind. Each summary will contain a link to the full story, if you want to learn more (see the image below right for an example).

  3. New VISTA products and services, plus current sales promotions We know you're busy. That's why we've designed Safety Update in an executive summary format, so you can quickly skim it for information of interest.

Sign up today for VISTA Safety Update If you're currently receiving e-mails from VISTA, you will automatically receive Safety Update. If not, visit this web page, enter your e-mail address and then select the mining or construction edition of this newsletter.

Is there anyone else at your company who should receive Safety Update? Examples may include your:

  1. General manager

  2. Mine manager

  3. Training manager

  4. Trainer

  5. Safety manager

  6. Loss prevention manager

  7. HSE manager

  8. Any other health and safety-related job titles If so, please encourage them to sign up to receive it, too. Thank you! Interested in our training products? See: Silver Series Training Program

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