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Suncor achieves impressive results with TruckLogic

Updated: Mar 15

A new Haulage & Loading technical paper reveals all the details about this innovative training program

VISTA Training Inc. recently presented a technical paper at the 2011 Haulage & Loading Conference in Phoenix, Arizona that summarized the results Suncor Energy has achieved with its new TruckLogic haul truck operator training curriculum at its mines near Fort MacMurray, Alberta, Canada. During a 4-month pilot program conducted in 2010, trainees in the Suncor pilot group had 50% fewer incidents compared to new hires in a control group, who were trained using the existing training methods, and productivity increased 3.5%. This curriculum has since been expanded to all shifts at the mine, and is now used to train all new haul truck operators. The technical paper outlines how Suncor implemented this ambitious training program and the cultural changes is helped set in motion, and how other mines can benefit from this innovative approach. Click here to access this valuable technical paper (free registration is required). New: A video of the Haulage & Loading presentation

Recently, the organizers of the Haulage & Loading Conference released the conference proceedings, including the full audio of each presentation. So we joined the audio with our slides and created a multimedia file from it - so you can experience the words and images - almost as if you were there! Click here to view this 20-minute video (free registration is required). This video brings a new dimension to the Suncor/TruckLogic story, and is a valuable summary of a number of important topics, including:

  1. What's changed in the labor force that is forcing mines to take another look at their training practices

  2. The disconnect between the needs of adult learners and traditional mine training

  3. The factors that drove Suncor to rethink its approach to haul truck operator training

  4. The thinking behind the design of the TruckLogic curriculum

  5. The results of Suncor's pilot test of TruckLogic

  6. The lessons you can learn from this pilot program

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