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New technical paper from VISTA addresses key mine training challenge

Updated: Mar 13

Too often, haul truck operator trainees don’t retain enough of the knowledge they learn during training. That can lead to longer on-boarding cycles, lower productivity and potential safety problems in the mine. Blended learning - providing training via multiple modalities using a highly structured, building-block approach - shows a lot of promise in addressing this challenge. Last week, VISTA Training presented a new technical paper on this subject at the 2013 Haulage & Loading Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, which is operated by Mining Media (publisher of Engineering & Mining Journal and Coal Age magazines). During this presentation, VISTA marketing manager covered:

  1. The training challenges many mines face today

  2. How inadequate training tends to lead to operational challenges

  3. The unique needs of adult learners

  4. An overview of blended learning

  5. How "knowledge chunks" and "building blocks" improve learning

  6. A deeper analysis of the impact of blended learning at Suncor Energy

  7. The next frontier of blended learning

  8. Advice for implementing blended learning in your mine Send an email to for your FREE copy or check out our Gold Series Training Curricula

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