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How much can you save?

Updated: Mar 15

A small investment in training can yield a major bottom-line impact Improving the effectiveness of your haul truck operator training can help you to significantly increase your mine's productivity and reduce unplanned maintenance expenses. VISTA Training has developed three calculators to help you to determine how much you can save at your mine:

  1. Productivity calculator: How would an improvement in production affect the total value that your truck fleet can generate?

  2. Cost savings calculator: How much money can you save by reducing the operating and maintenance costs of your haul truck fleet?

  3. Tire cost calculator: How much money can you save by increasing the average tire life of all the haul trucks in your fleet? When you plug your mine's numbers into these Microsoft-Excel based calculators, you'll see that VISTA's TruckLogic™ haul truck training curriculum can make a significant impact on your operations - in terms of increased productivity as well as reduced reactive maintenance. Click here to learn how your mine can benefit.

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