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Unique design helps your mine reach new levels of productivity and safety.

VISTA GraderLogic Grader Training Modules

Computer-based Training Modules Teach Common Tasks

GraderLogic™ includes 4 modules of online training that will help you train both new operators and experienced operators in the core tasks of dozer operation:

  • Grader Familiarization

  • Operating the Grader

  • Operating Tasks

  • Advanced Operating Techniques


Task-focused Lessons

Eleven lessons containing over five-hundred screens of interactive, multimedia-enhanced content provide in-depth training in basic operating principles, best practices and potential problem scenarios.

Task-model Videos

This Logic™ program includes task-model videos that enable the trainee to hear and see what is going on. Not only does the experienced operator talk through what he is doing, but also you can see the task as it unrolls from both inside and outside the cab.

Testing What Trainees Have Learned

Embedded "Check Your Knowledge" quizzes measure what each student has learned allowing field trainers to provide individualized coaching utilizing test results.


Hands-on Tools Reinforce Learning

Numerous job aids are available depending on the model of the grader. Job aids available are Controls Diagrams, Blind Area Diagrams, Center Console Display, and a Pre-use Inspection Stops Diagram. Also included are checklists and instructions that help the operator know what needs to be accomplished every step of the way from the walk-around to the shutdown. These tools also help instructors to assess the trainee's performance during field training.

GraderLogic™ OJTs & JOB AIDS

VISTA GraderLogic™ On-the-job Training Activities & Job Aids

As trainees learn grader operation skills in the training modules and through the task model videos, a series of structured on-the-job activities help them to apply what they have learned. On-the-job activities included in the GraderLogic™ grader curriculum include:

  • General Skills

  • Pre-use Inspection

  • Controls

  • Start Up and Shut Down

  • System Testing

  • Operational Skill Building Exercises


Trainers are enabled with coaching guides, which help them to structure these on-the-job activities; they also include space for recording operator assessments and notes. Checklists provide documentation that the trainee has successfully completed each on-the-job exercises.

VISTA GraderLogic™ On-the-job Training Aids

On-the-job Training Aids Help Operators Retain What They've Learned

These materials include:​

Motor grader pre-use inspection stops diagram

Laminated illustration of the dozer that depicts pre-use inspection points and items to be checked at each location

Motor grader controls

Laminated illustrations of the operator control panel of the grader, with call-outs for all controls and status/indicator lights

Motor grader switches

Laminated illustrations and uses of the switches

Dozer On-the-job training example

Laminated charts summarizing the start-up, shut-down and system test procedures

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