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Unique design helps your mine reach new levels of productivity and safety.

VISTA Truck Logic Haul Truck Training Modules

Computer-based Training Modules Teach Common Tasks

TruckLogic™ includes 3 modules of computer-based training, delivered via the web, that will help you train new operators in the core tasks of haul truck operation:

  • Basic truck operation

  • Dumping a load

  • Positioning the truck for shovel loading (a module is also under development that covers positioning the truck for loading with a wheel loader)


Task-focused Lessons

16 lessons containing over 1,200 screens of interactive, multimedia-enhanced content provide in-depth training in basic operating principles, best practices and potential problem scenarios.

Testing What Trainees Have Learned

Embedded "Check Your Knowledge" quizzes measure what each student has learned allowing field trainers to provide individualized coaching utilizing test results.


Hands-on Tools Reinforce Learning

5 sets of on-the-job support materials, which contain instructions and forms to help instructors assess trainee performance during field training.


Machine-specific Training Modules

VISTA's haul truck training modules provide a base level of training for new operators. Machine-specific modules are also available to help train your operators on the specific components and controls of the haul truck models in your fleet. Contact VISTA Training for more details about these training tools.

TruckLogic™ OJTs & JOB AIDS

VISTA TruckLogic™ On-the-job Training Activities & Job Aids

On-the-job Training Aids Help Operators Retain What They've Learned

As trainees learn truck operation skills in the training modules and truck simulations, a series of structured on-the-job ride-along activities conducted in the field help them to apply what they have learned. On-the-job ride-alongs included in the TruckLogic™ haul truck curriculum include:

  • Truck inspection and blind area identification

  • Start-up, testing and operating the truck

  • Drive-by dumping on a lift

  • Back-in dumping and dumping at the dump pocket

  • Loading at the shovel (cab-side and blind-side back up)

Trainers are enabled with coaching guides, which help them to structure these on-the-job activities; they also include space for recording operator assessments and notes. Checklists provide documentation that the trainee has successfully completed each on-the-job exercise.​

Machine-specific On-the-job Training Materials

VISTA also produces on-the-job training (OJT) aids that provide additional training for specific models of large haul trucks.

These materials include:

  • A trainee guide that covers pre-operation inspection and start-up/shutdown procedures for each truck model

  • Laminated illustrations of each truck that depicts walk-around inspection points and items to be checked at each location

  • Laminated charts summarizing the start-up, shutdown and system test procedures for each truck

  • Laminated illustrations of the operator control panel of each truck, with call-outs for all controls and status/indicator lights

  • Laminated illustrations of the graphical symbols utilized on each truck's control panel

  • Laminated charts that summarize the function of each of the truck's controls

Laminated OJT materials are designed for durability in rugged mine environments. Truck operators can keep them in the cab and refer to them as needed, long after the training is over.

Haul Truck controls diagram

Laminated illustrations of the operator control panel of the truck, with call-outs for all controls and status/indicator lights

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