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VISTA Training offers new PC-based bulldozer simulator

Waterford, WI (April 2, 2013) – VISTA Training, North America's leading provider of training materials for earthmoving, excavating and mining applications, is pleased to announce the availability of a new PC-based bulldozer simulator from Simlog. This instructionally-designed simulation software puts trainees at the controls of a medium-sized bulldozer at work in a typical construction site. Seven simulation modules are structured to train entry-level operators on basic operation and core skills. Lessons begin with controls familiarization and progress to more complex tasks, including bulldozer positioning, using the blade to control the path of a boulder, using the blade to backfill a trench, slot dozing and spreading. “This new dozer simulator is the perfect complement to VISTA’s dozer training programs,” explains VISTA Training President Rick Longstaff. “By using them together, fleet owners can provide comprehensive yet cost-effective training to their operator candidates.” Replica controls are available for the bulldozer simulator. They offer a realistic training experience and can be ordered with tabletop mounting brackets. For added realism, a bulldozer operator chair is also available with an authentic operator seat and industrial controllers mounted on consoles for the left and right hands. The operator chair can be easily reconfigured for use with other Simlog simulators. The operation of the bulldozer simulator can be customized to simulate the behavior of a wide variety of machines. For example, it can be configured to use separate foot pedals for the decelerator and brake, or just a single pedal that combines both functions. Blade speed can also be adjusted. As trainees perform tasks in the simulator, the software records data about key performance indicators that measure how quickly and carefully the simulated work is performed. The simulator tracks over 20 performance indicators, including task execution time, machine collisions and criteria related to how well a trench is excavated and backfilled. This data can be used to provide diagnostic coaching to trainees, to help them overcome weak spots in their skills. The bulldozer is the latest in a line-up of 11 heavy equipment simulators. It is the perfect complement to the popular hydraulic excavator and wheel loader simulators, which are being used by many contractors, municipalities, colleges and trade unions to cost-effectively train new equipment operators. To learn more about the new bulldozer simulator, please visit the VISTA website.

About VISTA Training VISTA Training, Inc., founded in 1991, provides training solutions for people involved in earthmoving, excavating and mining applications. Over 10,000 customers use VISTA products and services to provide equipment safety, skills and productivity training to employees. Headquartered in Waterford, Wisconsin, USA with a Canadian branch near the oil sands mining operations of northern Alberta, Canada, VISTA provides the mining and construction industries with a variety of computer-based training modules, videos, DVDs and instructor kits, on-site equipment operator training and cost effective, PC-based equipment simulators supplied by Simlog.

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For more information, please contact: Marketing Manager VISTA Training Inc. Ph: 262-514-2886 ext. 305 E-mail:

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