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NEW: Jurnee™ by VISTA Equipment Operator Training Instructor Kits

VISTA Training, Inc, has released a series of new equipment operator instructor kits addressing construction equipment operator training, skills development, attitude and safety. These kits pay for themselves by helping to lower equipment damage and minimize time spent in the field covering introductory information on individual basis. Training is not a destination.  It's a Jurnee™. In the past, it was easier to find experienced and skilled equipment operators, but they are retiring in droves. Training new heavy equipment operators is made easy and consistent by these new Jurnee™ by VISTA instructor kits. WHAT'S NEW: No installation needed for new Jurnee™ by VISTA instructor kits. Everything is ready for presentation or printing after a two-minute online account setup. Online self-study accounts are included in an annual license (helps minimize classroom time – see below). Jurnee™ by VISTA instructor kits help trainers deliver consistent training to operators of construction and mining equipment. These training tool kits include "everything but the instructor". Each newly revised instructor kit provides:

  1. Unlimited use and printing via 24/7 login access from any computer

  2. 2 - 4 hours of presentation screens

  3. Trainer and student guides - print any quantity, anytime

  4. Operator evaluation forms and guidelines on how to use

  5. Operator exam test - online and/or printable

  6. Course completion certificate template

  7. Over 25 printable documents in all Each annual license (one per trainer) provides login access from any computer (plus up to 10 employee online self-study accounts). NEW: Included online self-study option: Minimize classroom time with Jurnee™ Instructor Kits self-study feature Up to 10 online self-study training accounts are included with your Jurnee™ instructor kit license. Most equipment operators don't enjoy spending a morning in the classroom. Even when training, they want to be in the field. You can minimize classroom time by having students view 1-2 hours of the same training presentation materials online in a self-study format. Before the in-person training class, review student online final exam scores. Then using the included "Reconnect Topics" verify learning and, (optionally) administer the included in-person written test. This can all take place in less than an hour of classroom time and makes more time available for on-the-equipment training. Features of Jurnee™ by VISTA Instructor Kits COMPLETE PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE: Includes "Everything but the Instructor" STRUCTURED TRAINING: Formal lesson plan with checklists, forms and guidelines AVAILABILITY: Easy online access to all training materials 24/7 EASY PRINTING: Printable Trainer and Student Guides (and lots more) SELF-STUDY COURSE INCLUDED: Minimize classroom time (details above) Benefits of Jurnee™ by VISTA Instructor Kits - Raise the level of professionalism of your equipment operator training program. - Save time - why develop training programs from scratch. - Provide your operators with structured, more consistent safety training. - Helps create a basis for required OSHA training records - Projectable and printable training materials - available anytime, anywhere. Contact VISTA for more information Purchase these training programs in our convenient online store. Optional add-on: Our instructors travel the world and can assist you with your on-site training needs for construction and mining. Rick Longstaff, VISTA President said, “Having new and experienced equipment operators methodically trained to recognize and avoid dangers can be a life saving skill. One of the most rewarding things about the training we offer is that it helps workers potentially avoid a tragedy. This new series of instructor kits has that potential while at the same time helping to reduce equipment repair costs. That’s a really good feeling regardless of any commercial success.” VISTA Training, Inc. produces safety and skills training materials for the construction and surface mining industries. Visit our website for all your equipment training needs. VISTA Training, Inc. 1-800-942-2886 or

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