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The principles of adult learning - explained

Updated: Mar 15

For safety training to be effective, it needs to take into account how adults learn. That's the key message of an excellent paper presented in Professional Safety, the journal of the American Society of Safety Engineers. The stakes are high in today's mining operation: According to the article, "the difference between effective and ineffective training may be death, injury, pain, suffering and lost profits." In general, adults:

  1. Need to know why they are learning something.

  2. Learn by doing.

  3. Are problem-solvers.

  4. Learn best when the content is relevant and of immediate use. The article cites numerous authoritative sources to reinforce the importance of tailoring training to the needs of adult learners. Fortunately, VISTA's TruckLogic™ haul truck operator training curriculum has been designed from the ground up to meet these unique needs. If you're involved in training new operators or manage this important area, then this article is a valuable read. You can check it out here (PDF): Thanks to a growing shortage of skilled workers, training is poised to become a point of competitive differentiation for mines. Those that are able to train new hires to operate safely and provide the best working environment for them - which increases retention - should enjoy a growing advantage in the years ahead. TruckLogic™ can help to drive the cultural changes needed to support this kind of high-performance work environment. For more information, please contact

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