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Somebody could get hurt here #HazardSpotting

This commercial construction site is full fall and trip hazards. Someone could get hurt here, which makes it an ideal candidate for #HazardSpotting. Here's what has us concerned: First, the worker next to the hole could easily tumble into it. The hole has no protection around it to prevent an inattentive worker from stepping to serious injury or death. A second hole is barely visible toward the right rear of the photo above. You can't see much of the hole, but you can see a ladder sticking out of it. That hole isn't protected, either.

This site contains many fall hazards. A hose, wires, discarded bits of wood and various construction supplies are scattered everywhere to the right of the white pickup truck. If you look closely, the electrical extension cord is hooked over the right corner of the truck's bumper. If someone gets in the truck, throws it into reverse and drives off, the cord could easily get yanked along with it. At the right rear of the truck's bed, you can see another worker with a ladder, not far from all of the junk on this site. Let's hope he doesn't trip over any of it, because there's not a clear path through it! The yellow caution tape wrapped around the ladder in the foreground isn't adequate protection against falls. On the positive side, the workers are using personal protective equipment (PPE). The man in the foreground is wearing a protective vest, hard hat and appropriate work boots. He and his coworker also appear to be wearing safety glasses. But all of that protection may be for nothing if one of them falls into a hole or trips over the junk strewn around this messy work site. Interested in related products? See: Safely Exposing Buried Utilities #HazardSpotting is a community safety initiative that helps raise awareness about dangerous workplace safety violations, developed by and supported by VISTA Training, Inc.

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