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Shocking work zone crash data point to a need for training

Updated: Mar 15

A recent work zone safety survey conducted by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) paints a sobering picture of the dangers of working on a road crew. Based upon responses by nearly 400 U.S. highway contractors, AGC's report found that:

  1. 68% of respondents had motor vehicles crash into their construction work zones during the past year

  2. 28% of contractors report their workers were injured during work zone crashes this past year

  3. 18% had at least one construction worker killed during those crashes Many of these accidents were caused by inattentive drivers traveling too fast in work zones. Heavy equipment striking nearby workers is another frequent cause of work zone injuries and fatalities.

Part of the solution: Work crew training In addition to obvious fixes like tougher laws governing work zone speed limits and increased enforcement of those laws, 66% of contractors nationwide agreed that more frequent safety training for workers could help. It makes sense: If workers are educated on common accident scenarios and how to avoid them, they should be safer. VISTA Training's Road Crew Safety Instructor Kit is perfectly suited to this need. It lets you begin conducting professional training immediately and is ideal for instructors who don't have time to create their own materials. This training program is focused on the safety of heavy equipment operators and the crews working around these confined spaces. Use this instructor kit to teach everyone, from supervisors and equipment operators to truck drivers and the rest of the crew, to take responsibility for work site safety. Basic traffic control device and flagger topics also covered.

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