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Please share your mine safety tips on Twitter

Please help us collect the best tips on improving mine safety. Simply post your tips to Twitter with the hashtag #minesafety140. Remember that your tip needs to be less than 140 characters in total. Including #minesafety140 in your tweets will help everyone who is following this hashtag to see each others' content. This little "crowdsourcing" exercise should also spur some really interesting discussions! Our goal is to collect your ideas and select the best to be published in a downloadable handout. If we use your tweets in this report, we will attribute them to you, of course.

Please share this safety initiative Part of being a good online citizen is the principle of sharing. Please share the sample tweet below with your Twitter followers. The more mining folks we can get contributing to this initiative, the better! Sample tweet: "Please share your mine safety tips on Twitter. Instructions here: #minesafety140" Share this on Twitter

What if you don't have a Twitter account? It's easy to sign up for one here. For more information on how to use Twitter, click here.

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