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PC-based equipment simulation: 3 case histories demonstrate its significant benefits

Updated: Mar 15

PC-based simulators are a proven operator training and assessment tool for the construction, mining and forestry industries. They provide vital hands-on experience to trainees in a safe, instructionally-designed environment, using only a high-end PC or laptop and off-the-shelf gaming controls. They have been proven to reduce training costs, increase operator productivity, and help minimize the safety risks associated with operator inexperience. And they can do all of this at a fraction of the cost of a full-motion platform simulator. These are not video games - they are instructionally-designed training tools that teach trainees "muscle memory" for common machine tasks. They make the transition to field training on an actual machine much easier and faster, because trainees have a keen sense of what to do. Because PC-based simulators capture data throughout each simulation, they can be powerful assessment tools for your operation - helping you to identify operator candidates with the greatest natural aptitude BEFORE you hire them. You'll be more likely to hire a worker who will operate safely and meet your productivity targets.

Simulator case histories But don't take our word for it. Listen to what our customers have to say in these 3 simulator case histories: City of Kitchener, Ontario: Learn how a hydraulic excavator simulator helped the city's Operations Division to save 240 man hours, produce 500% more qualified operators - and even create a waiting list of pre-qualified candidates, so if an experienced operator leaves, they can quickly replace him or her. The bottom line? The simulator helped the City of Kitchener make more intelligent use of the city's limited budget and manpower. View this PDF report now. IUOE Local 701: Learn how this union hall used 5 simulators at multiple locations to train over 1,000 apprentices and journeymen to date, and turn out higher quality operator candidates for local contractors. The bonus? At the time this case history was written, the simulators had already delivered a 10-fold return on investment to IUOE. View this PDF report now. Southern Maine Community College: Learn how this community college racked up $50,000 a year in fuel savings from its fleet of 7 hydraulic excavator simulators - because trainees who went through simulator training required less "seat time" on an actual machine. View this PDF report now.

Learn more about the simulators offered by VISTA If you want to learn more about the simulators we offer and what they can do for you, please click here.

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