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Operator assessment: The first step toward performance benchmarking

One of the potential disadvantages of traditional operator training is that it is sometimes inconsistent. Classroom and field trainers may put a slightly different spin on what trainees need to learn, or emphasize one principle over another. That, in turn, can lead to variations in productivity among the operators in your truck fleet and reduce the mine's overall productivity. One of the advantages of implementing VISTA's TruckLogic™ haul truck training curriculum is that it provides a high level of consistency in training. That's because most of the knowledge that trainees learn is communicated via self-paced, computer-based training modules. Each trainee views the same training materials, takes the same "check your knowledge" quizzes and participates in the same simulator sessions. In addition, VISTA provides coach and trainee guides for the field learning activities, which help to ensure a high level of consistency in this part of the operator training curriculum. VISTA also provides evaluation forms for each on-the-job ride along exercise, where coaches can check off whether or not individual trainees completed each step, and they can make notes about areas for improvement. Finally, if mines opt for VISTA's machine-specific training modules and on-the-job training materials, they receive laminated pre-use inspection checklists and control panel illustrations. These tools help trainees learn their truck's key operating systems and also serve as valuable refresher tools that they can carry in the truck cab with them. In addition, this next-generation haul truck curriculum generates valuable data, which you can use to address individualized coaching needs and establish a benchmark for the performance of all of your haul truck operators. Once you have such a benchmark in place, you can use it to help you formulate plans to improve operator skills and competencies. Beyond that, the benchmark also gives you a basis to evaluate new hires, so you can more quickly identify those who are not cut out to be a haul truck operator. In short, VISTA provides you with a practical tool set that you can use to benchmark and improve the performance of your haul truck operators.

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