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New research study says safety, operational effectiveness are top mine concerns

Mincom, a provider of software and services to many of the world's top mining companies, recently surveyed senior-level mine executives about the top challenges their companies face. Of the top 5 issues, TruckLogic™ can help mines to address 3 of them. These issues, and the percentage of respondents who cited them as their top concerns, include:

  1. Ensuring workplace safety (71%)

  2. Improving performance and operational effectiveness (67%)

  3. Recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce (38%) The Mincom study polled more than 100 leading mining companies worldwide; 88% of respondents were CEOs and vice presidents, or heads of operations or finance. VISTA's new TruckLogic™ haul truck operator training curriculum helps to ensure mine safety by training new haul truck operators on best practices for safe truck operation, blind spots, proper use of brakes and transmission on haul road grades, proper dumping and loading procedures and much more. This innovative new haul truck training curriculum helps to improve mine performance and operational effectiveness by showing operators how to achieve consistent performance throughout the haul cycle. They also gain a better understanding of how their performance impacts dozer and loading equipment operators, as well as the mine's overall productivity and profitability. TruckLogic™ helps mines with operator recruitment and retention by creating an environment where new operators are trained to a high standard of performance, which can help to make mines using it more attractive as workplaces. Studies also show that employees who receive high-quality training tend to feel more valued by their employers, and are more likely to be loyal to the company. In labor restricted markets - where there are more jobs than people available to fill them - TruckLogic™ can help mines to train a larger number of new hires without having to expand their training departments.

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