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Updated: Mar 11

We recently relaunched the VISTA Training website home page with a new design, aimed at helping you find what you need - faster! As we looked over our web page traffic statistics a few months ago, it became obvious that the tabs for industry/equipment/other and large product photos that dominated our home page just weren't working for you. Our goal when we launched our new website two years ago was to expose you to the breadth of products and services we offer by gathering them together into useful selections based on how we thought you would search for them - by equipment type and industry. We also used the home page to provide summaries of the recent content added to our social media channels. But our web page statistics told a different story. They showed that only a handful of products - the ones that were initially visible - got the majority of traffic. The others, which were only visible by scrolling down or by clicking on the other 2 tabs, received only a fraction of the visits. In addition, calls to our customer service desk showed that many customers needed help finding the training programs they were looking for. So we decided to rethink the home page to expose more of our training programs and services to you - so you can find what you need in fewer clicks. The infographic below explains all:

Interested in our training products? See: Silver Series Training Program or Gold Series Training Curricula

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