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Facing a slow-down at your mine? Now's the time to step up training

Updated: Mar 13

In recent weeks, the markets for precious metals have showed surprising weakness. Gold is down more than 25 percent from its all-time high in 2011, and other precious metals such as copper, silver and palladium are being pulled down by its free fall.

Time for training Now is the time to manage your costs more aggressively. But it's also an excellent time to redouble your investment in training. Here's why:

  1. With a slowdown in mine activity, equipment operators have more time to spend on remedial training, which can incrementally improve their productivity and, more important, their safety.

  2. Training can help your equipment operators and support people to make better use of scarce, expensive resources, such as truck tires. VISTA's Tire Care program is an excellent example of this type of training.

  3. Your training department, which may have been scrambling to keep up with operator turnover and new hires during the upturn, can now take a step back to develop a more proactive, strategic approach to the skills development of your equipment operators.

  4. Training tends to be good for corporate morale during tough times. It sends a clear signal to workers that you're willing to make an investment in them. This type of training doesn't have to be expensive. VISTA offers the Silver Series, an affordable, growing library of basic operation and safety programs that are perfect for new hires and refresher training. These 1-2 hour programs are web-based and are available any time, anywhere there is a high-speed internet connection. Because these programs are self-paced, they can free up some of your trainers' time to focus on higher value-added activities like one-one-one coaching. Your workforce may be your only true competitive advantage. Make sure that they're able to work at peak levels of productivity and safety by utilizing this downturn to improve their skills and value. Interested? See: all of our possible training programs on the "Training Products" link on our VISTA homepage.

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