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Crawler excavator safety: Own it with this best practices training program

Updated: Mar 11

The crawler excavator has become so common on job sites today that it's easy to take it for granted. In well-trained hands, it can be amazingly productive. But with a less-experienced operator behind the controls, the excavator can present some significant safety challenges. Here are several examples:

  1. The offset location of the cab means it has a large blind spot

  2. The counterweight of a crawler excavator typically overhangs the undercarriage, which means laborers working nearby need to stay outside of its swing radius

  3. An excavator can become unstable when working on slopes To help your operators work safely with these popular machines, VISTA is pleased to offer you a 15% discount during August on our Crawler Excavator Safe Operating Techniques training program. Interested in this product? See: Crawler Excavator Safe Operating Techniques Please note: In order to receive the discount on these programs, you must enter the alphanumeric code we'll be sending you in the VISTA e-newsletter.

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