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Blended learning: A more effective model for haul truck operator training (video)

Updated: Mar 13

Blended learning is a powerful tool for training new equipment operators, because it helps them to better retain key machine knowledge than other training methods. That was the core message of the technical paper VISTA Training presented at the recent Haulage & Loading Conference in Phoenix. Several weeks ago, we made the technical paper itself available for you to download. Recently, Mining Media made the audio of our presentation available. We have combined it with our presentation slides to create this 27-minute video. One of the highlights of this presentation is a sneak peek at VISTA's new Task Model Video technique, which enables trainees to do a "virtual ride-along" in single-seat machines like crawler dozers and wheel loaders. We believe it's the next big thing in blended learning. Don't miss it! Interested? See: Gold Series Training Curricula

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