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Big-time fall protection issues here #HazardSpotting

Many contractors don't take fall protection seriously - which is why it's responsible for more work site fatalities than any other type of accident. A case in point is this masonry construction site, where eight laborers are building a cinderblock wall. None of them are wearing any type of fall protection equipment.

The man wearing the yellow hard hat is the most at risk; he has one foot halfway off of the cinderblock. The way he's leaning and working with a tool so close to his other foot, he could easily topple over and fall headfirst off of this wall. The gentleman in the red shirt is climbing the outside of the scaffolding, rather than using a ladder. He is using three points of contact, which is good, but this is a less-than-ideal place to climb a scaffold. The man in the orange hard hat has a hose wrapped around him, which he is apparently trying to remove. If one of his coworkers pulled on it suddenly, he could easily lose his balance and fall. Presumably, there is some cutting of cinderblock going on here. So most, if not all, of these workers should be wearing eye protection. On the plus side, they are wearing boots that are appropriate for the job site and all eight men are wearing hard hats. #HazardSpotting is a community safety initiative that helps raise awareness about dangerous workplace safety violations, developed by and supported by VISTA Training, Inc.

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