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Benefits of blended learning in operator training

Updated: Mar 15

Blended learning can make a tremendous difference in the results you can achieve with operator training, especially in a high-performance mining environment.

What is blended learning? Simply put, it combines multiple modes of training, such as

  1. Dynamic, interactive computer-based learning content

  2. Mobile learning

  3. "Check your knowledge" quizzes and tests

  4. Simulation of common machine tasks

  5. Job aids and other performance support tools

  6. Assessment data and feedback loops

  7. Structured on-the-job activities (hands-on training)

  8. Coaching and mentoring These elements are integrated to improve learning and knowledge retention. It's an essential approach to effectively train adult learners, who tend to be more problem-solution and hands-on oriented.

Advantages of blended learning A well-designed blended learning solution can provide real advantages in the mining environment:

  1. Content delivered via computer-based training technologies is very consistent - all new operators receive the same critical messages.

  2. It accommodates differing learning styles of individual trainees.

  3. It encourages self-directed learning, which means that more training can be delivered with fewer trainers. The extensive investment of time required to conduct classroom training limits the trainers' ability to provide individualized on-the-job coaching and mentoring.

  4. Simulations and structured coaching allow for immediate feedback and hands-on application of learning.

  5. Assessment data generated by the learning activities can be used to tailor coaching to address individual trainee needs.

  6. It puts learners in a more active role, including situations where they must speak, listen and think

  7. It helps training departments to optimize their resources and focus trainers on higher-value added activities

An example of blended learning in action If you want to see an example of blended learning in action, be sure to check out VISTA's TruckLogic haul truck operator training curriculum.

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