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5 questions about VISTA instructor kits

This blog post is the debut of a new series called "5 questions," in which we take you on a closer look at the thinking behind specific VISTA products and services. You'll get a better sense of who they are designed to help, what their benefits are and the best ways in which they can be put to use. 1. Who are these instructor kits designed to help?

VISTA instructor kits are designed to help trainers to quickly deploy a professional training program. Whether you work for a contractor, municipality, government agency or a mining company, these convenient "training kits" can help you quickly and easily expand your training program. They are also ideal for small companies that don’t have a dedicated trainer, but do have some experienced people with a lot of equipment knowledge. In this case, the responsibility for safety and training falls to an executive who is probably wearing several hats. That’s where a training kit like this can really pay off. It enables him to streamline all the administrative aspects of training and to focus on what he does best - conveying his extensive knowledge and expertise to his new hires and experienced operators. 2. Don't most contractor and municipality training departments already have materials like these - classroom preparation checklists, attendance rosters, discussion questions, exams, etc.? If not, why not? They usually have some training materials. They contact VISTA because they want to expand their current programs to include new machine types as well as to get access to training materials that are more up-to-date and comprehensive than those they’re currently using. In other cases, they may be creating their own training and administrative tools on an ad hoc basis and have come to the realization that isn’t a very efficient approach. 3. Is this a case where someone gets promoted to training manager and then has to cobble together training materials? Or do they tend to neglect training because the amount of work required to pull all of the knowledge and materials together is so daunting? Yes, often the "top" operator is pushed into the training role simply because of his or her experience with the machinery - not necessarily because he or she knows how to be a trainer. Training often gets neglected until something happens, such as a regulatory inspection after an accident. VISTA instructor kits provide a very good basic classroom program that can show trainers what topics should be covered during training - and which help him or her to deploy it quickly and easily. 4. What if an instructor wants to add his or her own key points or observations to what trainees are learning? Can the video in this training kit accommodate such interactivity? The instructor can stop the computer-based training program at any time to share his or her thoughts and observations. It’s really quite flexible. It enables trainers to present the basics of machine operation and safety, which they can then add to as they wish. 5. If I train my operators with your instructor kits will they be certified? Unfortunately, no they won’t. For the most part, earthmoving equipment operator training in the United States isn’t subject to any formal certification. There are a few exceptions, such as cranes, forklifts and aerial work platforms. But there isn’t really a standard to which you can certify most equipment operators. If you have any other questions, please contact us at 800-942-2886, 262-514-2886 or send us an e-mail. Interested? Check out our Instructor Kits for Heavy Equipment 

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