VISTA™ Model Rigging Training Kit

by TactiLearning

Everything you need to practice hands-on rigging in one small box...

A lightweight and portable "hands-on functional model" for teaching the basics of rigging and lifting or for refresher training of experienced riggers. Provides instructors who don't have time to develop their own training materials, an INSTRUCTOR GUIDE containing training workshops and a complete set of copyable learner materials. Applies to municipalities, mines and quarries and general construction.

Rigging a load is not academic. It's real work with real consequences. Rigging training should be just as real with hands-on experience and tangible results.

That's what the VISTA™ Model Rigging Training Kit gives you: A lightweight and portable functional model of the same screw pin shackles, swivel hoist rings, slings and master links that are on the jobsite. Helps you provide trainees with a better, longer-lasting understanding of what matters most for keeping the worksite safe and projects moving forward.

Model Rigging Kit Details:

The lightweight and portable VISTA™ Model Rigging Training Kit comes with a small multi-configurable load box (8.75" x 3.25" x 1.75")

All items are made of durable, lightweight material - convenient for use in both a classroom as well as on the job site. The contents of the kit are as follows:

  • 1 Crosby lift guide
  • 1 measuring tape/level
  • 1 load box (with top)
  • 2 load tubes
  • 1 sleeve
  • 1 load connecting bolt
  • 4 sling pads
  • 2 eye bolts
  • 2 swivel hoist rings
  • 1 master link
  • 4 small shackles
  • 2 medium shackles
  • 2 red slings (long)
  • 4 green slings (medium)
  • 1 blue sling (short)

Also included is an INSTRUCTOR GUIDE that provides guidance on how to conduct workshops and rigging demonstrations designed by industry experts as well as copyable LEARNER WORKSHEETS

Helps with hands-on learning for real world rigging concepts like these:
  • Bridle Hitches
  • Choker Hitches
  • Basket Hitches
  • Load Control
  • Off-Center Center of Gravity
  • Shackle Orientation
  • Pivoting a Load
  • Length / Height Sling Tension Multipliers
  • Eye Bolt De-rating for Angular Loads and more!

Arm yourself and employees with training tools that help convey rigging concepts and details before you hit the jobsite. Don't just teach concepts, get the hands-on training you need for the real world.

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Rigging Examples

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Optional Additional Boxes with rigging tackle

Add extra boxes with rigging tackle so everyone can practice rigging on their own. (no workshop or print materials)

Also available: Manipulator Arm to hold your box while practicing rigging.

Rig on!