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VISTA offers new PC-based bulldozer simulator

Updated: Mar 14

Here at VISTA Training, we're pleased to announce the availability of a new PC-based bulldozer simulator from Simlog, an affordable and effective tool for training new operators. This instructionally-designed simulation software puts trainees at the controls of a medium-sized bulldozer at work in a typical construction site. Seven simulation modules are structured to train entry-level operators on basic operation and core skills. Lessons begin with controls familiarization and progress to more complex tasks, including:

  1. Bulldozer positioning,

  2. Blade control,

  3. Backfilling,

  4. Slot dozing and

  5. Spreading.

VISTA training programs + simulator = ideal for trainees! This new dozer simulator is the perfect complement to VISTA's dozer training programs. By using them together, you can provide comprehensive yet cost-effective training to your operator candidates. The bulldozer is the latest in a line-up of 11 heavy equipment simulators. It is the perfect complement to the popular hydraulic excavator and wheel loader simulators, which are being used by many contractors, municipalities, colleges and trade unions to cost-effectively train new equipment operators. Read more about this exciting new dozer simulator on its product page

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