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Vintage safety poster: Look out below!

Updated: Mar 8

This British safety poster reminds us not to leave tools or construction supplies laying around on the job site - especially on scaffolds or other raised surfaces. If they fall, they become high-speed projectiles that can injure or even kill a fellow worker. Does this scenario sound far-fetched? Far from it. Just last month, a 58-year-old construction worker was killed when a fellow worker accidentally dropped a tape measure from the 50th floor of a condominium project in Jersey City, NJ. It struck him in the head, killing him instantly. He wasn't wearing his hard hat at the time. While this may be an extreme example, consider jobs where you're working one or two stories above the ground. A tool such as a cut-off saw or a hammer could cause considerable damage if it struck someone. It doesn't take long for objects dropped from a height to accelerate to terminal velocity (the speed at which aerodynamic drag is equal to the force of gravity pulling it toward the ground). Don't forget about construction supplies, such as pieces of wood or metal, or fasteners such as nails. One other lesson to take away from the tragic accident in New Jersey: When you're on a job site where people are working at height above you, ALWAYS wear your hard hat! Interested in related products? See: Hand Signal Communication Source: Protectivas Vintage Safety board on Pinterest

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