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Vintage safety poster: Falling object safety

This week's vintage safety poster reminds workers to "use your head" on the job site - always wear your PPE, including a hard hat. To protect your noggin, keep in mind these hard hat safety tips:

  1. Check to make sure your hard hat is in good working condition - free of cracks or other damage.

  2. Make sure the head band is in good working order. Your hard hat should fit snugly on your head.

  3. The head band acts as a suspension system, which maintains space between the top of your head and the inside of the shell of the hard hat. Make sure that there is sufficient space between the shell, the head band and your head for maximum protection.

  4. Never drill holes, paint or apply labels to protective headgear as this may reduce the integrity of the hard hat's shell.

  5. Do not use paint, solvents, gasoline, chemicals, or harsh cleaning materials on the shell, because they could damage it.

  6. Do not store protective headgear in direct sunlight, such as on the rear window shelf of a car, since sunlight and extreme heat can damage them.

  7. Always replace a hard hat if it sustains an impact, even if damage is not noticeable.

  8. Don't wear your hard hat backwards, because it won't provide as much protection to your head. Be safe on your work site - wear your hard hat at all times! Interested in related products? See: Road Crew Safety Instructor Kit or Road Crew Safety (Construction and Paving) Source:

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