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Tips From the Pros: 15% off for newsletter subscribers

We're offering a sweet deal to subscribers of the VISTA e-newsletter: 15% off the price of our Tips From the Pros training programs. Here are the programs that are included in this deal:

  1. Tips From the Pros: Backhoe Loader (DVD)

  2. Tips From the Pros: Crawler Dozer (DVD)

  3. Tips From the Pros: Crawler Excavator (DVD)

  4. Motor Grader Operating Tips (DVD)

  5. Tips From the Pros: Wheel Loader (DVD)

  6. Tips From the Pros: Rigging & Lifting (DVD)

  7. Snow Removal Techniques & Plowing Tips From the Pros (DVD)Click here to view our Tips from the Pros products. Please note: In order to receive the discount on these programs, you must enter the alphanumeric code we'll be sending you in the VISTA e-newsletter. The discount does not apply to the bundles of 3 and 5 Tips From the Pros programs we sell, but only to the individual programs.

Sign up today for exclusive offers If you're not subscribed to the VISTA e-newsletter, why not sign up now? You'll get exclusive access to monthly specials like this one, plus safety tips you can use to help keep your equipment operators working safely!

About the Tips From the Pros series Are you looking for training to help your existing operators improve their performance? Then consider investing in the "Tips From the Pros" series of training programs from VISTA Training. What can your operators learn from others? Plenty! What typically happens is that one set of operating techniques becomes common to all of the operators within a fleet - because your operators teach each other. That may be adequate, but if you need to increase your team's productivity, you must bring in best practices from outside your organization. Each of these videos shares proven operating techniques used by experienced, professional operators, which help them to maximize their productivity. All of the videos in this popular series are based on research with qualified operators from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. They're the perfect complement to your morning safety meetings, tailgate talks - or to provide your operators with some "rainy day" remedial training.

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