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The truth about fall fatalities and injuries in construction

Updated: Mar 12

According to OSHA, falls are the number one source of work-related deaths for construction workers. This infographic from the Laborers Health and Safety Fund of North America outlines some sobering statistics related to falls on construction sites (click on image to view a larger version). One of the most revealing conclusions from the data LHSFNA has gathered and analyzed is that workers don’t have to fall very far to suffer serious injuries or even death. Nearly two-thirds of all injuries are related to slips, trips and falls from ladders.

  1. Almost half of all fatal falls are from 20 feet or less

  2. Falls from roofs are a major cause of fatalities.

  3. Most of these falls are preventable

Fall reduction tips How can you reduce the risk of falls on your work sites? Here are some tips from LHSFNA:

  1. Develop a written fall protection plan and make sure your employees understand and follow it

  2. Identify potential fall hazards prior to each project and during daily walk-arounds. Pay attention to hazards associated with routine and non-routine tasks.

  3. Ensure that fall protection equipment is appropriate to the task, in good condition and used properly.

  4. Inspect fall protection equipment and devices before each use.

  5. Conduct general fall prevention and ladder safety training on a regular basis.

  6. In addition, train workers on the specific, identified fall hazards and on the required personal protective equipment for the job at hand.(Hat tip to EHS Today for uncovering this excellent fall fatalities and injuries infographic)

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