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Spring into savings: Rigging and lifting training programs on sale during May

During the month of May, we're offering a special deal only to subscribers of the VISTA e-newsletter: 15% off the price of the rigging and lifting training programs. Rigging and lifting can be challenging. Selecting the right type of rigging to steadily and safely lift and move a load requires great care. The crane operator needs to been keenly aware of the risk factors involved in each lift, including the lifting capacity of his or her crane, the locations of spotters and other people and equipment, nearby property that could be damaged and the safety and security of the load itself. VISTA Training offers a wealth of rigging and lifting safety training programs covering all types of machines used for lifting, including lattice boom cranes, hydraulic cranes, overhead cranes and even hydraulic excavators. We also offer programs on reading load charts, per-operations inspections and proper hand signal communication. Here are the training programs that are included in our May discount event:

  1. Hand Signal Communication - Mobile Cranes (DVD)

  2. Lattice Boom Cranes, Pre-Operational Inspection (DVD)

  3. How to Properly Interpret a Load Chart - Mobile Cranes (DVD)

  4. Overhead Crane Safety (DVD)

  5. Working with Cranes Near Power Lines - Mobile Cranes (DVD)

  6. Pre-Operational Inspection for Hydraulic Cranes (DVD)

  7. Rigging & Lifting / Handling Structural Steel (DVD)

  8. Rigging & Lifting for Mines & Quarries (DVD)

  9. Rigging & Lifting with Small Hydraulic Cranes (DVD)

  10. Rigging & Lifting with Mobile Construction Equipment (DVD)

  11. Rigging & Lifting Instructor Kit

  12. Setup for Safety (DVD)Click here to view some of our different Rigging products Please note: In order to receive the discount on these programs, you must enter the alphanumeric code we'll be sending you in the VISTA e-newsletter.

Sign up today for exclusive offers If you're not subscribed to the VISTA e-newsletter, why not sign up now? You'll get exclusive access to monthly specials like this one, plus safety tips you can use to help keep your equipment operators working safely!

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