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New Silver Series Transporting Equipment Training Program

Updated: Mar 15

Waterford, WI (August 18, 2011) - An affordable new training course from VISTA Training Inc. entitled Transporting Equipment has been launched to help fleet owners to avoid mishaps when loading machinery onto trailers and transporting them. This new course is the latest addition to VISTA’s new Silver Series of safety training programs for the construction and mining industries. A significant percentage of fatal accidents involving heavy equipment occur when loading and unloading from a trailer. Accidents can also happen when transporting equipment, if it is not properly secured to the trailer. That’s why the U.S. Department of Transportation mandates best practices for securing and transporting equipment on trailers. This new training course covers:

  1. The types of trailers used to haul heavy equipment

  2. How to read a trailer load capacity plate

  3. How to safely load and unload equipment from trailers

  4. Tie-down equipment and procedures

  5. How to calculate the Aggregate Working Load Limit (AWLL)

  6. Best practices when hauling on public roadways The Silver Series gives equipment owners convenient access to task-focused training on many types of heavy equipment, on demand. These affordable courses are designed to help trainees to become proficient and safe equipment operators, and make it easy for equipment owners to schedule training when and where it’s most convenient for them. They’re also ideal for smaller companies that may only need to train a handful of new operators per year. For more information about Transporting Equipment, please visit the web page for this product. About VISTA Training VISTA Training, Inc., founded in 1991, provides training solutions for people involved in earthmoving, excavating and mining applications. Over 10,000 customers use VISTA products and services to provide equipment safety, skills and productivity training to employees. Headquartered in Waterford, Wisconsin, USA with a Canadian branch near the oil sands mining operations of northern Alberta, Canada, VISTA provides the mining and construction industries with a variety of computer-based training modules, videos, DVDs and instructor kits, on-site equipment operator training and cost effective, PC-based equipment simulators. Hi-Res Image Downloads

Link to Demonstration Transporting Equipment For more information, please contact: Marketing Manager VISTA Training Inc. Ph: 262-514-2886 ext. 305 E-mail:

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