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Looking for timely, helpful topics for your weekly safety talks?

One of the most difficult tasks for most supervisors is doing a daily or weekly safety talk to the crews. That's not because they don't believe in it. It is most likely because supervisors are usually so busy keeping jobs running smoothly and on-time they don't have an opportunity to prepare a safety talk. That's one more place where VISTA Training comes in handy. VISTA has a neat little book entitled Construction Foreman's Safety Handbook. The book was written by a safety professional who has spent a lifetime working with construction people. He also participated in the development of many of the OSHA regulations that impact the construction industry. Stepping in front of a group of people to make a safety presentation can be daunting. Lacking time and for topic research and possibly not being a skilled teacher is a serious deterrent to do this vital training task. This book makes that task a lot more manageable. It has been said; "If you really want to understand a subject; teach it." No one wants to feel foolish presenting information to a jaded audience of macho construction people who may be convinced in their own minds they are doing everything right already. This plain-talking book provides safety information that is real and relevant in a brief presentation that can be presented with accuracy and authority. The topics covered are brief, concise, accurate, interesting and effective, especially when they come from the mouth of a recognizable authority like the author. So get a copy, or 2 or 3 or a dozen to use with your various crews. Construction Foreman's Safety Handbook helps reduce potential safety problem areas, which makes everyone sleep better at night. - Ray Peterson

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