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How VISTA instructor kits take the pain out of heavy equipment classroom training

Updated: Mar 12

Many of our customers have told us they have experienced trainers who can teach operation and safety topics. But what they often lack is the time to gather and organize the necessary information and develop professional-quality training materials. That's why we developed instructor kits, which include everything you need to conduct comprehensive and consistent operator training sessions - everything but the trainer. Kits are available for 19 different construction equipment types (including wheeled and tracked excavators, skid steer loaders and telescopic handlers) as well as key safety topics (such as transporting construction equipment, rigging and lifting and theft and vandalism prevention). Each of these training "toolkits" provides roughly 6-8 hours of classroom time.

VISTA instructor kits typically include:

  1. Presentations and lessons

  2. Classroom setup checklist

  3. Tips on what to teach and how to teach it

  4. Recommended questions for discussion with your trainees

  5. Exam and key

  6. Course certificate

  7. Student note pages

  8. Instructor guide

  9. Attendance roster

Save time and deliver better training Imagine if you had to create training lessons, exams, forms and other materials yourself. It would take many hours - time that you don't have. Why reinvent the wheel? Why not take advantage of the work we've done to assemble everything you need in a single convenient training kit? VISTA instructor kits can help you provide more consistent, structured safety training to your equipment operators. Best of all, even if your time is limited, you can get started today! Click here to learn more about VISTA instructor kits

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