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"Grade A" motor grader training tools from VISTA

Updated: Mar 15

The design of the motor grader makes it a unique machine in the world of earthmoving. There is so much the operator must manage when running one: The circle turn. Moldboard angle and tilt. Moldboard sideshift. Drawbar sideshift. Frame articulation. Differential lock. All of these variables make the grader a very complex machine. But in the hands of an experienced operator, it can run circles around other equipment, handling tasks like road building, ripping, road maintenance and snow plowing with equal utility. In short, the motor grader demands only the best in the operator's seat. Make sure your trainees are up to the task with these motor grader training programs and resources from VISTA:

  1. Motor Grader - Operation & Safety: A one-hour, web-based training program that is part of our new, affordable Silver Series.

  2. Motor Grader Instructor Kit: Everything you need to set up and conduct training on motor graders. All you need to provide is the instructor.Also check out: Motor Grader Operating Tips and Motor Grader New Construction

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