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Get ready for snow and ice with snow plow operator training

Updated: Mar 15

Before long, the snow will be flying and roads will be getting icy. That means it's time for snow plow operator safety training.

The dangers of snow plowing Snow plow operators frequently work in close proximity to the public, usually during inclement weather conditions. Deep snow. Icy roads. Parked cars. The potential for equipment and property damage can be just around the next corner. Raised manhole covers can damage your plows. In addition, snow plow drivers are often seasonal employees working long, difficult shifts during winter storms. That adds up to a high potential for accidents, downtime and costly equipment repairs.

How can VISTA Training help? VISTA Training can help you get ready for the winter season with these snowplow operator training programs and services:

  1. Snow removal techniques - tips from the pros

  2. Motor grader snow plowing

  3. Snow removal techniques handout

  4. Dump truck/snow plow pre-use inspection checklists

  5. On-site operator training Please click here to learn more about VISTA's snow plow operator training resources.

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