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Backhoe loader training programs on sale during April

During the month of April, we're offering a special deal only to subscribers of the VISTA e-newsletter: 15% off the price of our tractor-loader backhoe training programs - just in time for spring construction season! Backhoe loaders are the workhorses of the construction site. They are often one of the first machines on the site and the last ones to leave. From trenching to moving material, these multi-purpose machines get the job done with impressive efficiency. Here are the training programs that are included in our April discount event:

  1. Backhoe Loader Safe Operating Techniques (DVD)

  2. Backhoe Loader Instructor Kit (DVD)

  3. Backhoe Loader Maintenance & Transport (DVD)

  4. Backhoe Loader Pre-start Inspection (DVD)Please note: In order to receive the discount on these programs, you must enter the alphanumeric code we'll be sending you in the VISTA e-newsletter. Click here to view some of our Backhoe Loader products.

Sign up today for exclusive offers If you're not subscribed to the VISTA e-newsletter, why not sign up now? You'll get exclusive access to monthly specials like this one, plus safety tips you can use to help keep your equipment operators working safely!

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