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When it comes to mining, we have the services you need.

For new mines and expanding properties, VISTA can help you to write or improve mine procedures.

Mine Procedure Writing

For new mines and expanding properties, VISTA Training can help you with mine procedures. We're able to do this because our people have a deep level of knowledge of the mining industry. Tap into our library of mine procedure templates today.

VISTA has written procedures for the following mining practices and tasks; these can be customized to meet your needs or we can develop additional topics as needed (list may not be complete):

Mine Operations Procedures

  • Articulated Truck Park-Shutdown

  • Articulated Truck Pre-Use Inspection

  • Articulated Truck Start-up

  • Articulated Truck Steering and Brake Tests

  • Dozer Brake Tests

  • Dozer Parking and Shutdown

  • Dozer Pre-use Inspection

  • Dozer Start-up

  • Excavator Brake Tests

  • Excavator Park and Shut Down

  • Excavator Pre-use Inspection

  • Excavator Start Up

  • Haul Truck at a Manned Service Island

  • Haul Truck at a Unmanned Service Island

  • Servicing at a Manned Service Island

  • Servicing at a Mobile Service Truck

  • Grader Park and Shutdown

  • Grader Pre-use Inspection

  • Grader Start Up

  • Grader Steering and Brake Tests

  • Incident Reporting

  • Loader Brake Tests

  • Loader Changing Attachments

  • Loader Parking Shutdown

  • Loader Pre-Use Inspection

  • Loader Start Up

  • Dump Management

  • Unloading Material at the Dump

  • Padfoot Compactor Brake Tests

  • Padfoot Compactor Parking Shutdown

  • Padfoot Compactor Pre-use Inspection

  • Padfoot Compactor Start-up

Mine Operations Work Practices

  • Personnel Transport Guidelines

  • General Fuel and Lube

  • Horn Signals Used in Mine Operations Area

  • Lightning Emergency Rules

  • PPE in the Mine Area

  • Approaching Heavy Equipment in the Mine

  • Light Vehicles in the Mine

  • Rules of the Road

  • Safe Parking in the Mine

  • Hand Signals for Mobile Equipment

  • Pushing Stuck or Disabled Equipment

  • Towing Guidelines

  • Working Near a Dig Face

  • Lock Out Tag Out

  • Training Requirements for Equipment Operation

  • Working on or Near Water

  • Inspection of Mine Dumps

  • Equipment Movement In and Out of the Shop

  • Working Near Overhead Power Lines

  • Mounting and Dismounting Equipment

  • Working Around Heavy Equipment

  • Fly Spreading Loads with a Haul Truck

  • Traffic Patterns at Loading Areas


  • Lock Removal Form Powerline Encroachment Authorization

Evaluation Check Sheets

  • Articulated Haul Truck Skills Evaluation

  • Articulated Haul Truck Skills Evaluation Guidelines

  • Articulated Haul Truck Pre-use Skills Evaluation

  • Articulated Haul Truck Pre-use Skills Evaluation Guidelines

  • Articulated Haul Truck Training Procedure Sign Off

  • Padfoot Compactor Skills Evaluation

  • Padfoot Compactor Skills Evaluation Guidelines

  • Padfoot Compactor Pre-use Skills Evaluation

  • Padfoot Compactor Pre-use Skills Evaluation Guidelines

  • Compactor Training Procedure Sign Off

  • Track Dozer Skills Evaluation

  • Track Dozer Skills Evaluation Guidelines

  • Track Dozer Pre-use Inspection Skills Evaluation

  • Track Dozer Pre use Inspection Evaluation Guidelines

  • Track Dozer Training Procedure Sign Off

  • Excavator Skills Evaluation

  • Excavator Skills Evaluation Guidelines

  • Excavator Pre-use Skills Evaluation

  • Excavator Pre-use Evaulation Guidelines

  • Excavator Training Procedure Sign Off

  • Grader Skills Evaluation

  • Grader Skills Evaluation Guidelines

  • Grader Pre-use Skills Evaluation

  • Grader Pre use Evaluation Guidelines

  • Grader Training Procedure Sign Off

  • Loader Skills Evaluation

  • Loader Skill Evaluation Guidelines

  • Loader Skills Evaluation

  • Loader Pre-use Evaluation Guidelines

  • Loader Training Procedure Sign Off

Log Books

  • Compactor

  • Dozer

  • Excavator

  • Grader

  • Haul Truck

  • Loader

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