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Cranes with buildings


VISTA Training offers a complete set of training programs to the construction, mining and related industries.

Turn to VISTA Training for all of your crane & rigging training needs.

Cranes, Lifting & Rigging

Turn to VISTA Training for all of your crane & rigging training needs.

Crane Operator Certification

NEW: SEE IF YOU ARE LIKELY TO PASS the CCO Crane Operator Certification Written Exam

$$$ FREE: VISTA Training offers quick and easy way to help determine if you are likely to pass the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) CCO written exam.

Before paying the CCO written exam fees of typically more than $160, answer our 10 key sample questions to help determine your likely status. Click VISTA NCCCO Crane Operator Quick Test --- IT'S FREE


You can also take the 60 question VISTA NCCCO Crane Operator CHALLENGE EXAM - Just $29

The VISTA NCCCO Crane Operator CHALLENGE EXAM includes 60 questions covering all 4 domains of the CCO exam.

• Site

• Operations

• Technical Knowledge

• Load Charts

The results page, listed by domain, will help you focus on domain(s) to study prior to your real CCO written exam.

Instructor Kits - Everything But the Trainer!

VISTA instructor kits provide you with professionally-designed training programs you can use to get your workers up to speed quickly. All you have to do is provide the trainer. These kits take care of everything else!

Affordable PC-based Simulators

VISTA offers a complete line of PC-based simulators, which enable your aggregate operation to provide affordable hands-on training to new operators. They provide vital hands-on experience to trainees in a safe, instructionally-designed environment.

VISTA Legacy Training Products

These videos promote the principles of safe equipment operation, making them valuable and affordable additions to your training library.

Crane, Lifting & Rigging Videos and DVDs (Now Available in USB!)

Pre-operation Inspection Checklists

VISTA offers pre-operation inspection checklists for many machine types.

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