Silver Series:

Articulated Haul Truck - Operation & Safety

In the mining industry and on large construction sites, the articulated haul truck stands out for its ruggedness and utility. It has tremendous power to move dirt, gravel and stone over terrain which other types of equipment can't handle. When conditions are adverse, when you' have a worksite with close quarters requiring tight turns, or when you need a hauler that can go where others can't, it's tough to beat the articulated haul truck.

Silver Series: Articulated Haul Truck - Operation & SafetySilver Series: Articulated Haul Truck - Operation & Safety

Articulated Haul Truck - Operation & Safety is part of VISTA's growing family of Silver Series online training modules are 1-2 hours in length, delivered via the web and ideal for new operator training.

The content of this program is focused on five key areas:

Lesson 1 - Machine basics: This lesson reviews the basic components of a typical six-wheel-drive articulated dump truck (ADT), including its powertrain, braking systems, transmission and areas of limited visibility.

Lesson 2 - Pre-use inspection: It's vital that you inspect your truck every day before putting it to work. This module explains how to take possession of or "claim" the machine and do a walk-around inspection of a typical ADT.

Lesson 3 - Loading methods: This lesson outlines factors to keep in mind as you approach the loading area, truck positioning, loading from a bench, truck spotting methods for over-the-rail and -through-the-tail loading, drive-by loading and loading from a wheel loader.

Lesson 4 - Hauling: This lesson explores common situations you're likely to face on the haul road, how to minimize tire damage and extend tire life, how to travel down a grade with a fully-loaded truck, how to deal with the challenges of sloping ground and what to do if the truck gets stuck.

Lesson 5 - Unloading your truck: At the other end of the haul cycle is the dump. This final lesson explains how to approach the dump area, basics of dumping the loading, dumping with and without a spotter, how to avoid roll-over accidents, dumping on an incline and how to spread a load when dumping your load.

The articulated haul truck is a high-production machine, but it requires a lot of care when operating in less than ideal ground conditions. Don't leave haul truck operator training to chance. Invest in this program today, to ensure that your operators learn the best practices for safe, productive operation.

Trainers: Why not use this Silver Series training program to provide your trainees with a valuable foundation of equipment and safety knowledge before you start classroom or field training?


Recommended Prerequisite(s): Heavy Equipment - Intro & Safety, Heavy Equipment - Pre-Use Inspection
Estimated length of training program: 1 hour + final test
Number of test questions: 12
Printable Certificate of Completion: Yes, with person's name, date and test score
Incorrect Question Feedback report: Yes
Language: English
Narration: Yes

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