Equipment Operator Training Challenges?

For equipment operator training, customers tell us their challenges are BUDGET, TIME, CONSISTENCY and EFFECTIVENESS.

Whatever your equipment operator concern, VISTAcan help! Read below for the most common issues faced by customers like you. If we can help please contact us at (800) 942-2886 x305

need to know exactly how an operator Was trained?

Problem: "My equipment operators are always breaking the equipment and I can't confirm operators were trained on those topics. It drives me and the maintenance department crazy. What can I do?"

Solution: Jurnee™ Instructor kits include everything to make a training program successful. Wouldn't you like to know what the operator has been trained on? For example, how is an operator told to use differential lock on an articulated truck? Engaging inappropriately causes huge transmission repair expense. Structured and better documented training using Jurnee™ by VISTA Instructor Kits will help.

need to Create effective training PLans and materials?

Problem: "I hate having to create my own training plans and materials. I just can't find the time to do that the right away, so either I throw something together last minute, or I have to ad-lib. Either way, there is no structure or consistency"

Solution: Jurnee™ by VISTA Instructor Kits include "Everything but the instructor". Enjoy the convenience of the structured mobile equipment training courses to help effectively teach equipment operators anytime and anywhere with no hassle!

want to certify your equipment operators internally?

Problem: "I'd like to have a comprehensive equipment training and certification plan."

Solution: Jurnee™ by VISTA Instructor kits include everything to make a training program successful. It enables a capable staff members train and evaluate equipment operators. Contact us for details.


Problem: "The equipment training videos and other training materials I have are old-looking and information is out of date."

Solution: Jurnee™ by VISTA Instructor Kits are new in 2018. Annual license fees include updates so you will always have access to the most current training materials.

boring classroom training taking too long?

Problem: "My employees have a short attention span. I need a way to be more efficient. I need shorter classroom training time."

Solution: Jurnee™ by VISTA Instructor Kits provide trainees an online self-study course with final exam and certificate in about 60-90 minutes. Classroom time is then reduced to a "reconnect" discussion about the topics learned and better retention has been experienced. If used in a traditional classroom-style, the presentation may take 2-4 hours. With either option, trainees then go to the field for equipment hands-on training and evaluation using the kit's forms and checklists.

NEED Training documentation?

Problem: "Our training records are all over the place and not consistent."

Solution: Jurnee™ by VISTA Instructor Kits contain several standard forms and checklists enabling all trainers to use the same format for evaluation of equipment operator skills. If you have your trainees use the included online self-study option instead of attending traditional classroom training, their final exam scores are stored electronically for easy access.

don't have a dedicated trainer?

Problem: "I don't want to spend my limited training budget on expensive onsite, hands-on training providers. I need to provide high-quality equipment operator training at an affordable price."

Solution: Jurnee™ by VISTA Instructor Kits help stretch your dollar by enabling your existing employee(s) to provide professional grade equipment operator training. Jurnee™ Instructor Kits include everything needed by an internal trainer to perform consistent training.


Problem: "We want to offer online training, but we don't have the budget for an expensive online training platform."

Solution: VISTA includes an online training platform for employee self-study with every Jurnee™ Instructor kit. It's surprisingly affordable to offer interactive courses with hands-on follow-up evaluation using VISTA's flexible Learning Management System.


Problem: "We already have an online Learning Management System (LMS), but we need new content. Our employees are tired of taking the same courses every year."

Solution: VISTA offers over 20 online e-learning titles related to equipment operator training. We also offer over 70 online videos. All can be hosted on and delivered by your own platform. Need them to beSCORM compliant? YES, we offer that too!

WANT CUSTOMIZED Training materials?

Problem: "We need company-specific scenes and information; generic training materials don't work well for us."

Solution:VISTA will work with you to develop and produce an effective instructor kit or training program that is tailored to your budget.

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