Simulation Manager Software

simulator managerWhen used on a stand-alone basis, personal simulators save simulation results data as files on your PC - a separate file for each simulator session. Files are tagged with a date and time, but not a person's name. These files are also accessible by anyone working on that computer.

If you want to accurately document the performance of multiple operators in a secure way or capture data from multiple simulators in a single location, you will need the Simulation Manager. Using the Simulation Manager, you can:

  • Create a unique user name and password for each user of the simulator.
  • Save all simulation results in a database, with performance data indexed by user. This is especially helpful in a simulator lab, where the data generated by each simulator needs to be saved in a single database file.
  • Restrict access to simulation results by assigning users to categories such as students, instructors and administrators. For example, a student can only view his or her simulator results, while an instructor can review the results of all students.
  • Group users into "classes." In this way, if you are using the same PC to host several simulators, you can authorize different classes to use different simulators.
  • Secure the use of the simulator. Only people with valid user names and passwords can use the simulator.
  • Enable people off-site to review the simulation results, using a free file viewer.

Each simulator operates by default in a single-user mode, but multi-user mode can be enabled using a special unlock key.

Summary of single- vs. multi-user modes

With simulation manager,
simulators in multi-user mode
No simulation manager,
simulators in single-user mode
Thanks to your user account login name and password, the Personal Simulator "knows" who you are, . The Personal Simulator does not know who you are.
All simulation results are saved as entries in the same database, indexed by user. Simulation results are saved in the form of individual files with just the date and time.
Off-site monitoring of simulation results is easy. Just have the onsite people pass along the single database file, and then use a free file viewer to browse that database. Off-site monitoring of simulation results is difficult. The onsite people must pass along all the results files, and each one must be viewed individually using a web browser.
Simulation results are confidential. For example, a Student user can only review his/her simulation results, but an Instructor can review the simulation results of all the Students. Anyone can review anyone's simulation results by browsing the Results files.
Simulator use is secure. Only people with valid login names and passwords can use the simulator. Anyone can use the simulator.


The price of the commercial software license for Simulator Manager is a one-time fee of US$2,000.

Free evaluation

In evaluation mode, you will find a sample database with pre-defined users, classes, and simulation results, to demonstrate the functionality of the Simulation Manager. You may review all of the information already in the sample database, change passwords for existing users, add new users, group them into classes, etc. When you log out, however, all of your changes will be lost and the sample database will remain unchanged. Contact us for an unlock key when you're ready to purchase.

Contact us via e-mail for more information and pricing.

Simulation Manager Uses

  • Simulator labs
  • More than one simulator
  • Applications where you want to be able to keep a permanent record of trainee performance
  • Applications where you want only trainers and instructors to have access to student data