Drill Jumbo Simulator

mining drill jumbo simulatorDeveloped in collaboration with Atlas Copco and training professionals, the drill jumbo simulator puts you at the controls of a modern drill in a virtual underground mine.

The twin boom drill jumbo is your productivity driver in underground hard rock mining and tunneling operations. That's why it's so important to operate it as efficiently and safely as possible. Better drilling precision means improved drilling parallelism, reduced drilling time and less overbreak - which in turn reduces the cost of rock reinforcement, loading and hauling.

There is a growing gap between the sophistication of modern twin boom drill jumbos and the skills of their operators. That's because learning to do things right, or improving the skills that you have, is time-consuming and requires an actual production environment. Naturally, mine owners aren't very willing to remove a drill jumbo from production to train new operators. That's why this PC-based simulator is so important. It can help you to bring new operators up to speed while minimizing the impact of training on production.

Software description

mining drill jumbo simulatorThere are six simulation modules of increasing difficulty. Early modules let trainees practice drilling a single hole at a designated position and orientation. Later simulation modules require drilling complete rounds and cross-cutting in wider drifts. Key performance indicators measure how quickly and carefully the simulated work is performed, including execution time, drilling precision (errors in position and orientation) and the number of collisions.

Simulation results are automatically saved, so trainees can progress at their own pace without trainer supervision. To simplify the record keeping, VISTA offers a database product called Simulation Manager; the same database can be used with all of the personal simulators available from VISTA.


The drill jumbo simulator is available in English and French.

Software pricing

Please contact us for pricing of a commercial software license for the drill jumbo simulator. Even small accidents due to inexperience can cost thousands of dollars in replacement parts and downtime, far in excess of your investment in this training tool. This priceless investment in the health and productivity of your workers represents an excellent training value and improves operator safety.


If you have any questions about the drill jumbo simulator and how you can utilize it as part of your mine's operator training program, please contact us at 800-942-2886 or 262-514-2886 or via e-mail at info@vista-training.com..