Pipelayer Installation Training: Chapter 2 V2.0.0

Safety (23 pages):

This lesson discusses important safety topics, including:

• Utility markings

• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

• Overhead utilities

• Worksite conditions

• Daily inspections and requirements

• Identifying the competent person and his or her responsibilities

• Working near buried and exposed utilities

• Working near trenches and how to protect the trench

• Communication

• Danger zones

Trenching (17 pages): This lesson covers the basics of trenching, including working precisely and efficiently, working as a team, working safely, and working with pipes.

Bedding (10 pages): This lesson covers important points about bedding, including grade, bedding preparation, digouts, uses of bedding, and types of bedding and haunching.

Backfilling (14 pages): This lesson covers how to perform a backfill job correctly. Topics include:

• Backfill material

• Placement

• Compaction

• Lifts

• Safety

• Plan for drainage

• Causes of pipe bellies

Manholes (12 pages): This lesson discusses considerations for building manholes, including placement, components, installation, confined space hazards, ventilation, and confined space rescue.

Dewatering (9 pages): This lesson covers the fundamentals of dealing with groundwater, including having a plan, dewatering, pump discharge, and working with pumps.

Tie-ins (12 pages): This lesson discusses the basic considerations when using tie-ins. This includes responsibility for water shutoffs, surveying the area, gathering materials, planning for water drainage, installing a tapping sleeve, performing tie-in testing, compaction, and marking the service line.